What Is The Average Weather Like In Jacksonville, Florida?

What Is The Average Weather Like In Jacksonville, Florida?

Located in the northeastern part of Florida, Jacksonville is a thriving city with a lot to offer. Home to a number of businesses, there are plenty of jobs to go around. The city itself also has a lot of cultural activities available, making it a great place to live or visit. Of course, no mention of Jacksonville would be complete without talking about the nearby beaches. Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, and other beaches that are located in the area offer a wealth of outdoor activities ranging from swimming and surfing to sunbathing.

The average weather in Jacksonville is relatively mild throughout the year. Because of that, tourists flock to the area during nearly every season.

To give you an idea of just how amazing the weather is in this part of the country, the year-round average temperature is 70°. Most people would say that that is absolutely perfect. The average high comes in at 78°, whereas the average low comes in at just over 60°. With such a mild climate, it is easy to see why so many people prefer to spend their winters in the Jacksonville area rather than in other parts of the country where the weather is a lot more severe.

If you love the sunshine, there is no better place to be. The city averages just over 220 days of sunshine each year, meaning that you will get to experience far more sunny days than cloudy days.

Like most areas, winter in Jacksonville is the coldest time of the year. Unlike other areas of the country where temperatures often fall below freezing, however, winters are generally mild. On average, the temperature rarely falls below the mid-40s during the coldest part of the night. Daytime temperatures are usually around 60, making it comfortable to spend time outdoors even in the dead of winter.

Summers are a bit warmer, with daytime temperatures often reaching the low 90s. At night, however, it cools down into the 70s, making it quite comfortable. Even if the days are hot, you can always hit the beach and take a swim in the ocean to cool down.

Both the spring and the autumn are absolutely ideal when it comes to their average temperatures. Temperatures during the day are usually in the 70s or low 80s. At night, it rarely dips below 50 to 60°.

Few places in the country have mild year-round temperatures like Jacksonville, Florida, making it a great place to spend time regardless of the season.

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